Stages Of Bedsores And Treatment

Stages Of Bedsores And Treatment

Stages of pressure sores. STAGE 1. Pressure Sore stage 1 Signs: Skin is not broken but is red or discolored or may show changes in hardness or temperature .
There are several different stages and types of bedsores. All of them involve a situation where sustained pressure is put on the skin.
For example, stage 4 bedsore treatments for elderly patients with chronic or terminal illnesses may focus entirely on minimizing pain, as opposed to healing the .
The Four Stages of Bedsores. Hospitals and nursing homes use a scale to help determine and treat these bedsores. Bedsores are also known as decubitus .
Bedsores have several stages and progress rather quickly. For nursing home patients, it is crucial that upon the discovery of any bedsores adequate treatment .
Since bedsores or pressure ulcers develop or progress in stages, early detection and treatment can make all the difference. In particular, stage 3 bedsores only .
Pressure ulcers or bedsores at any stage are a clear sign of an immediate need. Due to the serious nature of stage four (4) bedsores medical treatment is more .
With any bedsore, the key to a positive prognosis is early detection and treatment. Stage 1 and 2 bedsores generally are treatable with general medical care, .
Bed sores are categorized by severity, from Stage I (earliest signs) to Stage IV (worst).. Suggest Specific Measures for Preventing and Treating Bed Sores.

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