Menj Kena Tangkap?

There is this group of idiotic people who are called /k at Kopitiam LYN who are obsessed with the idea of menj kena tangkap. The only reason for their vitriol and vendetta towards menj youtube is simply because The Muslim Apologist has exposed these pukimak anak haram jadah for their lies, racism, xenophobia, and their hatred towards Islam and the Muslims in general.

They consist of fucked up racists, which I suspect are Cinapek tak potong kulup. You know, the kind of Cinabeng shitheads who think that speaking ching chong makes them more superior than the rest of the world. That is the kind of mental people who boast about their “5000 years of culture”. You can stuff your culture up a place where the sun does not shine, you Cina babi.

Added to this mix are the liberal Malays with the kind of thinking that Islam is inferior and that they should kowtow to Chinese, not to mention their paria keling hitam friends taken along for the ride…and voila, you have a wonderful package of racists right up your alley.

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I Was Concerned About Lighting, And It Was A Falling Tree That Almost Got Me

I like to sit out on our porch during thunderstorms when it is nice and warm outside. I watch the lightning and listen to the thunder roll. I am not wandering around in the yard during the storm, I am under a roof on a porch that is pretty big. The only time I go inside is if the wind is driving the rain toward me. I had to call a company that does tree pruning in Nassau County to come out and remove part of a tree that had fallen on our fence during a storm. It was raining and thundering one day while I was out on the porch. It was not really windy, but there were a couple of pretty hefty gusts. The second one blew the top of a tall tree over onto our fence.

It was not lightning that got it, even though there was a loud crack. The sound was just the tree snapping. I have seen lighting hit close and know what that sounds like. The tree blew over because of the wind gust and flattened our chainlink fence on that side. It was over a grand to fix the fence, and it did not cost much more than that to put up the entire fence when we first got it. The section of tree was not huge, but it sure flattened that fence like it was not even there. I am glad it did not hit the porch roof that I was under.

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Islamophobes Are A Special Kind Of Stupid


And predictably, she banned me not long after I exposed the dualistic standards that she portrayed in her comment. She is truly a vile, inhumane and disgusting Islamophobe. A special kind of stupidity that you can only see in people who advocate terrorism against Muslims, like that terrorist in New Zealand.

I did some digging into her Reddit history and it turns out that she is aligned with white, conservative Christian pressure groups.

Hah, I was right!

New Zealand Observes Muslim Call To Prayer

One week after the abhorable and most violent of attacks done by a Christian terrorists towards Muslims at two masjids in New Zealand, the nation commemorated the mourning of the event by allowing the adhaan (Muslim call to prayer) to be heard loudly in public for the first time in the nation’s history.

New Zealand observes a Muslim call to prayer one week after a gunman killed 50 people at two mosques.
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